Life Science Research and Education Group

The Group is striving to enhance health and efficiency of the society operating under different rural and urban harsh environmental conditions including exposure to chemical, fertilizers, pollutants, The major thrust areas of LSREG are life support system and biomedical technologies with special emphasis on psychology, cognitive engineering, functional food, protein of future, ergonomics and human factors/engineering for equipment development and man machine interface, nutrition, stress management, combat fatigue, specialized food technologies, new diagnostic tools and technologies. Our need based research group make us professional research organisation in the world. Through the years, we at Daksh | Life Science and Healthcare have partnered with the largest and most reputed organisation in the across global.

Health Care Research Group

Thrust areas of HCRG are personalized medicine, natural healing, guided drug delivery system and technological intervention for public health. HCRG focuses on new diagnostic technologies, telemedicine system, Pharmacognostic Study of indigenous Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Computational Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, self learning system for diagnosis and treatment.

ICT and Interdisciplinary Research Group

The ICT and interdisciplinary research group provide significant support for interdisciplinary research at Daksh labs. They involve hundreds of faculty members, administrative, research, technical staff, and students at all levels. These units play a critical role in our mission of creating and sharing knowledge. Interdisciplinary research centers draw on the strengths of schools and departments from our collaborators and research groups. Thrust areas are ICT in Health Care, ICT, Smart Infrastructure, Technologies for Drug Designing and Drug Delivery System, Self Learning System, Computational Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Cognitive Science. The group is open for accepting new projects and ideas from potential collaborators.

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