April 25, 2014

How the brain pays attention

"Any acquisition of knowledge is, of course, an enlargement of the Self, but this enlargement is best attained when not directly sought" Bertrand Russell The "intelectual cost" of attention. Attention seems to follow a two-stage mechanism: a first stage produce the gain changes in early sensory areas, whereas a later stage selects among these enhanced signals. (Neuro)Science is allways between a rock and a hard place, the "intelectual need to understand ("episteme")" and the "emotional fear of getting it wrong". Catherine Z. Elgin thinks that errors can contribute to the advancement of understanding in ways that ignorance cannot ("cognitive errors"). Perhaps we should take a cue from Einstein: "a person who never made a mistake, has never tried anything new"sss.

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may 9, 2023

Conscious Brains!

Interest in the evolutionary antecedents of "theory of mind" as manifested by primates and other mammals. Will participate as time permits and my comments are of any usefulness..

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